July 24th, 2017

Today marks a bittersweet day in Dutchman history. We are now in a period of transition. We will close our online store and cancel our subscription services while we contemplate what that next chapter will be. We are actively looking for a new roasting space that may include full coffee service. We have had a blast serving our customers both near and far. While we are away and working diligently on how to best continue serving you kick ass coffee, we encourage everyone to seek out other small and local roasters who have the passion to continue carrying the torch of small batch, small lot coffee. We look forward to meeting you all again soon. Until then, some instructions for our two favorite ways for hand made coffee.

For Hario V60 pour over:

24 grams Dutchman Coffee, medium fine grind

pre-wet filter and rinse mug with hot water

Heat water to 200-205 degrees, bloom with 50 grams of water and let sit for 30 seconds

Add 100 grams of water in small circular patterns every 30 seconds until you've hit 350g total water. Your brew time should be around 3:30 total. 

For Aeropress:

15 grams Dutchman Coffee, medium fine grind

Turn Aeropress upside down and insert plug into the bottom, pre-wet filter on cap. 

Bloom with 30 grams of water at 200-205 degrees. Stir thoroughly to allow full saturation. 

Slowly pour to 215g total water. Twist cap on top, flip over and gently press into mug over about 30 seconds. Total brew time should be around 2 minutes.