Dutchman Coffee Cycling Team

When we set out to establish Dutchman Coffee Roasters as a company we knew we wanted our reach to go far beyond high quality responsibly resourced coffee. Our passion for the sport of cycling (almost) equals that of coffee. It was only natural that we expanded our brand into this realm. That said, we are excited to announce the formation of the Dutchman Coffee Cycling Team.

We  don't have grandiose visions of winning grand tour stages or being represented at the highest level of international cycling. What we do have is a desire to bring together cyclists with equal passion for bikes and beans (coffee beans that is). 

We are currently a very small team, with members in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Austin, TX. This fall and winter we will ride cyclocross and mountain bike events. We hope to grow to include road and gravel racing as the 2016 season rolls around. We may even show up with a fat bike somewhere. We are currently seeking bicycle sponsorship and hope to find a brand with a similarly passionate following, no matter how small. Pending our sponsorship we may look to expand our team, so keep an eye out for future blog posts, web pages and social media posts if you are interested in becoming a part of this motley crew in 2016.

So as summer turns to fall and temperatures start to dip, as dirt turns to mud and rain to snow, continue to look for the Dutchman team at local events. Stop by and say hello. We may have some free samples or be brewing hot coffee, so come get you some. Keep riding, no matter what the weather, and always remember to drink good coffee!