Well that didn't take long...

We relish your feedback at Dutchman Coffee Roasters, and the customers have already spoken. "More coffee!" is being shouted from the rooftops. Starting with our next roast your orders will include 9oz of coffee instead of 8oz.  (sorry to all you sample addicts, those will remain 4oz). We quickly discovered that we could squeeze another ounce safely into our existing coffee bags without overfilling.  You will see a minimal $1 increase in our pricing to reflect the extra coffee in your order.

That said, we are already exploring new options for 1 lb bags.  For the time being we encourage all of you who drink 3+ cups of coffee a day to keep doing what you're doing, and order two of our 9oz bags at a time. It turns out that for the rest of the month of August that is going to save you some dough anyway.

Lastly, don't forget our discounted shipping option.  If you live in the Kansas City metropolitan area and reside within the I-435 loop your order will ship free directly to your doorstep. The discount will be reflected in an extra 4oz sample (of our choosing) being included in your order. This applies only to orders of at least $9. Consider this our encouragement for all of you suburbanites to be city dwellers. Oh, and no shipping to your favorite pizza parlor or skating rink...we have Google maps at Dutchman.

Thanks for your support, and always remember to drink good coffee!