Why 8 ounces?

What a great question! There were two distinct reasons for us to choose 8 ounces as our standard quantity. First is easy, we strive to have little negative impact on our environment. With that in mind we wanted our coffee bag to be made at least partially of post consumer product and we wanted it to be more biodegradable than your average bag. Our 8oz coffee bag is made of 60% post consumer and/or biodegradable material and the remaining 40% is made of traditional material that has been treated with a biodegradable additive to assist in the breakdown.  On average one of our coffee bags with decompose in a few months in a backyard composter. Our bags are still certified food safe.

The second reason took a little more thought.  Our goal is always to sell an excellent product and to do so we need to ensure that our customers are drinking fresh coffee.  We recommend brewing coffee by the cup and grinding immediately before consumption.  8oz of whole bean coffee should net our customers 10-14, 12oz cups of coffee depending on how much ground coffee is used per serving. With this our 8oz bag of coffee should last the average customer about one week.  If you brew your first cup the day after your coffee arrives then our coffee may never go more than 2 weeks from roast date to your cup. That's about as fresh as you can get.

As always, thanks for your support!