Exciting news

Hey gang! Exciting news coming from Dutchman Coffee Roasters.  You can now find us on Friday mornings at the North Kansas City Farmer's Market (Caboose Park, Armour Rd.) from 7:30-1:30. This Friday (8/14) we will some fresh cold brew that we are handing out...FOR FREE! Don't forget to come get you some.

This weekend we will also be debuting our new Cauberg Cold Brew on tap at Cinder Block Brewery (110 E. 18th St. North Kansas City, MO 64116). This is a new blend we have roasted slow and brewed cold over 18 hours, then nitro infused for an awesome full bodied glass of cold brewed coffee.  Soon we hope to start bagging this blend and offering it through our store.

To understand the origin of the Cauberg Cold Brew, one has to understand the origin of Dutchman Coffee.  While we may be from Kansas City, our heritage takes us back to the Netherlands. If there is a passion we have outside of making delicious coffee, its all things cycling. Cauberg comes from a significant climb found in the southern portion of the Netherlands (maybe the only significant climb in the notoriously flat country). When the heat and humidity of July and August hit and you start climbing up that 12% grade, sweating buckets and feeling the burn from each turn of the crankset, the only thing that keeps pushing you is the thought of the refreshing ice cold brew that is waiting for you on the other side. So go ahead, hit the roads, sweat your butt off and stop off for a smooth refreshing Cauberg Cold Brew before doing it all over again.