July 24th, 2017

Today marks a bittersweet day in Dutchman history. We are now in a period of transition. We will close our online store and cancel our subscription services while we contemplate what that next chapter will be. We are actively looking for a new roasting space that may include full coffee service. We have had a blast serving our customers both near and far. While we are away and working diligently on how to best continue serving you kick ass coffee, we encourage everyone to seek out other small and local roasters who have the passion to continue carrying the torch of small batch, small lot coffee. We look forward to meeting you all again soon. Until then, some instructions for our two favorite ways for hand made coffee.

For Hario V60 pour over:

24 grams Dutchman Coffee, medium fine grind

pre-wet filter and rinse mug with hot water

Heat water to 200-205 degrees, bloom with 50 grams of water and let sit for 30 seconds

Add 100 grams of water in small circular patterns every 30 seconds until you've hit 350g total water. Your brew time should be around 3:30 total. 

For Aeropress:

15 grams Dutchman Coffee, medium fine grind

Turn Aeropress upside down and insert plug into the bottom, pre-wet filter on cap. 

Bloom with 30 grams of water at 200-205 degrees. Stir thoroughly to allow full saturation. 

Slowly pour to 215g total water. Twist cap on top, flip over and gently press into mug over about 30 seconds. Total brew time should be around 2 minutes.

Subscription services now available!

Its official, you can now have your Dutchman Coffee shipped directly to you on a regular basis, hassle free.  Just click the navigator on our home page and choose either the Weekly or Monthly option. Clicking will direct you to our subscription services website for checkout, its as simple as that. Then you get to sit back and wait for a rotating selection of our 9oz offering of fresh roasted whole bean coffee to be shipped to you on a weekly or monthly basis. This way you can experience all of our roasts over a period of time, and when something new pops up in our inventory you'll be among the first to find out. Shipping is free for our subscription users.

If and when you ever want to cancel your subscription, just send us an email stating as much. We will cancel your subscription after the next roast cycle.

New options in the Dutchman online store, and other happenings

Well, changes are a comin'. Due to multiple reasons we have made some adjustments to our online store. We are no longer selling our 4oz sample bags online. That said, we are now offering a new one pound option. This bag is recyclable, but not biodegradable.  We are disappointed that we weren't able to secure our biodegradable bags for this new size, but it just wasn't feasible.

We are excited to announce that a limited run of our 9oz whole bean coffees are available at Nature's Own Health Market at 43rd and Main St in Kansas City, MO. We are working diligently to secure new accounts for more retail availability while not diluting our product or cutting corners. (sorry Target shoppers, you won't be finding Dutchman on those shelves any time soon). Check back on our webpage often as we will update it with our new retail availability.

We are also excited to start offering very limited blends and rare single origin coffee in 9oz offerings. We expect to sell these exclusively in our roasting location inside Cinder Block Brewery within the next few weeks.

As we speak we are working on a subscription service that will provide our customers with fresh roasted coffee on a monthly or bi weekly basis at discounted prices. Keep an eye out for that option on our website as it will launch very soon.

While we continue to search for the ideal location and build of a full service coffee bar, we thank all of our customers for the support and feedback we have received thus far. It continues to be a wild ride and we appreciate all of you! Drink good coffee, y'all!



Dutchman Coffee Cycling Team

When we set out to establish Dutchman Coffee Roasters as a company we knew we wanted our reach to go far beyond high quality responsibly resourced coffee. Our passion for the sport of cycling (almost) equals that of coffee. It was only natural that we expanded our brand into this realm. That said, we are excited to announce the formation of the Dutchman Coffee Cycling Team.

We  don't have grandiose visions of winning grand tour stages or being represented at the highest level of international cycling. What we do have is a desire to bring together cyclists with equal passion for bikes and beans (coffee beans that is). 

We are currently a very small team, with members in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Austin, TX. This fall and winter we will ride cyclocross and mountain bike events. We hope to grow to include road and gravel racing as the 2016 season rolls around. We may even show up with a fat bike somewhere. We are currently seeking bicycle sponsorship and hope to find a brand with a similarly passionate following, no matter how small. Pending our sponsorship we may look to expand our team, so keep an eye out for future blog posts, web pages and social media posts if you are interested in becoming a part of this motley crew in 2016.

So as summer turns to fall and temperatures start to dip, as dirt turns to mud and rain to snow, continue to look for the Dutchman team at local events. Stop by and say hello. We may have some free samples or be brewing hot coffee, so come get you some. Keep riding, no matter what the weather, and always remember to drink good coffee!


Exciting news

Hey gang! Exciting news coming from Dutchman Coffee Roasters.  You can now find us on Friday mornings at the North Kansas City Farmer's Market (Caboose Park, Armour Rd.) from 7:30-1:30. This Friday (8/14) we will some fresh cold brew that we are handing out...FOR FREE! Don't forget to come get you some.

This weekend we will also be debuting our new Cauberg Cold Brew on tap at Cinder Block Brewery (110 E. 18th St. North Kansas City, MO 64116). This is a new blend we have roasted slow and brewed cold over 18 hours, then nitro infused for an awesome full bodied glass of cold brewed coffee.  Soon we hope to start bagging this blend and offering it through our store.

To understand the origin of the Cauberg Cold Brew, one has to understand the origin of Dutchman Coffee.  While we may be from Kansas City, our heritage takes us back to the Netherlands. If there is a passion we have outside of making delicious coffee, its all things cycling. Cauberg comes from a significant climb found in the southern portion of the Netherlands (maybe the only significant climb in the notoriously flat country). When the heat and humidity of July and August hit and you start climbing up that 12% grade, sweating buckets and feeling the burn from each turn of the crankset, the only thing that keeps pushing you is the thought of the refreshing ice cold brew that is waiting for you on the other side. So go ahead, hit the roads, sweat your butt off and stop off for a smooth refreshing Cauberg Cold Brew before doing it all over again.


Well that didn't take long...

We relish your feedback at Dutchman Coffee Roasters, and the customers have already spoken. "More coffee!" is being shouted from the rooftops. Starting with our next roast your orders will include 9oz of coffee instead of 8oz.  (sorry to all you sample addicts, those will remain 4oz). We quickly discovered that we could squeeze another ounce safely into our existing coffee bags without overfilling.  You will see a minimal $1 increase in our pricing to reflect the extra coffee in your order.

That said, we are already exploring new options for 1 lb bags.  For the time being we encourage all of you who drink 3+ cups of coffee a day to keep doing what you're doing, and order two of our 9oz bags at a time. It turns out that for the rest of the month of August that is going to save you some dough anyway.

Lastly, don't forget our discounted shipping option.  If you live in the Kansas City metropolitan area and reside within the I-435 loop your order will ship free directly to your doorstep. The discount will be reflected in an extra 4oz sample (of our choosing) being included in your order. This applies only to orders of at least $9. Consider this our encouragement for all of you suburbanites to be city dwellers. Oh, and no shipping to your favorite pizza parlor or skating rink...we have Google maps at Dutchman.

Thanks for your support, and always remember to drink good coffee!


Why 8 ounces?

What a great question! There were two distinct reasons for us to choose 8 ounces as our standard quantity. First is easy, we strive to have little negative impact on our environment. With that in mind we wanted our coffee bag to be made at least partially of post consumer product and we wanted it to be more biodegradable than your average bag. Our 8oz coffee bag is made of 60% post consumer and/or biodegradable material and the remaining 40% is made of traditional material that has been treated with a biodegradable additive to assist in the breakdown.  On average one of our coffee bags with decompose in a few months in a backyard composter. Our bags are still certified food safe.

The second reason took a little more thought.  Our goal is always to sell an excellent product and to do so we need to ensure that our customers are drinking fresh coffee.  We recommend brewing coffee by the cup and grinding immediately before consumption.  8oz of whole bean coffee should net our customers 10-14, 12oz cups of coffee depending on how much ground coffee is used per serving. With this our 8oz bag of coffee should last the average customer about one week.  If you brew your first cup the day after your coffee arrives then our coffee may never go more than 2 weeks from roast date to your cup. That's about as fresh as you can get.

As always, thanks for your support!


Online Store Opening

Well, that day has come. While we continue to work on finishing our new retail space  and await the arrival of our new roaster, we have partnered with another local coffee roasting company to sublease roasting time so that we can get our product to our customers. With that in mind please bear with us as it may take a few days for your order to be fulfilled. We will always strive to have your coffee as fresh as possible, so all orders will be filled and delivered within 2 days of roasting.

We are excited for our initial offerings and new samples are pouring in all the time. We hope to have a rotating and ever changing menu of coffee to keep our fans engaged so we encourage you to check back often. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook  and Instagram as we update our stock often.

In the future we plan to have subscription services available, rotating coupon codes, frequent buyer programs and flash sales so you can keep getting fresh roasted coffee delivered straight to your door conveniently and often.




At Dutchman we believe coffee is much more than a beverage. That said, this blog will be about more than just coffee.  Sure you'll find out about new coffees, brewing techniques, maybe a geography lesson or two.  You'll also hear about our new experiences, whether its music, trends, travel destinations...who knows where this will go.

Check back soon as we'll have our first official blog post up in no time.